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Johnny (2010)

( Υψηλής Ποιότητας )

Johnny (2010)


Johnny (2010) tainies online oipeirates



Johnny is an inspirational story about a ten year old boy in a foster
group home who is dying of leukemia. Even though he has every reason to
doubt God all he does is trust Him. Johnny is sent to see Doctor Carter
to see if there is anything that doctor Carter can do to help. Doctor
Carter ends up taking Johnny into his home where his wife rejects Johnny
as he reminds her of the son she lost two years previously, and where
Johnny bonds with their nine year old daughter. This is a truly
inspirational story that will leave you in tears and filling spiritually
fed. Watch as Johnny works to heal this family that has been torn apart
by grief.


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Johnny (2010) tainies online oipeirates
Johnny (2010) tainies online oipeirates

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