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The triplets / Οι τριδυμούλες (1994-2004)

( Tv Series )

The triplets / Οι τριδυμούλες (1994-2004) tainies online oipeirates

The plots of The Triplets follow a definite pattern. The sisters play some prank or manage to annoy the Bored Witch, and, to punish them, she sends them into a classical tale, legend, or children’s or adult’s (such as Frankenstein or The Phantom of The Opera) literary work. The main structure of the classic remains, but some twists (often hilarious anachronisms such as showing The forty thieves getting distracted from robbing a house by a camel race on TV or Dr. Frankenstein as a veterinarian) are introduced to favour each plot and define the sisters’ personalities.


Ταξινόμηση με τίτλο επεισοδίου

  1. Η Χιονάτη
  2. Η πριγκίπισσα και το μπιζέλι
  3. Η σταχτοπούτα
  4. Ο κυανοπώγωνας
  5. Το δώρο της γιαγιάς
  6. Χάνσελ και Γκρέτελ


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